15 Nov 2022

New EENEE Policy Brief on Digital Skills for Adults

EENEE has published a policy brief to accompany the analytical report Literature review on the provision of digital skills for adults.

In the Policy Brief, the co-authors Miroslav Beblavý and Barbara Bačová state: “there are a large and increasing number of projects and policies that focus on helping adults in the European Union to acquire or improve their digital skills – in the words of the title of this policy brief, “many flowers are blooming”. However, only in a few Member States do ecosystems exist that systematically organise this provision into a structured system that is truly accessible to everybody – hence the assertion that “gardens” are lacking”.

We invite you to read the Policy Brief and get to know more about emerging “gardens” in different Member States and examples of “gardening tools” – aggregators, virtual providers and place-based networks of providers.

Read the policy brief HERE.