15 May 2023

EENEE Spring Newsletter highlights Analytical Reports, Webinar, and Network News

In recently released Spring Newsletter, the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE) encompassed EENEE Analytical Reports of 2022, a webinar addressing COVID-19 learning deficits in Europe, and news shared by their network members.

The focal point of the newsletter was the presentation of the EENEE Analytical Reports of 2022. These reports serve as a comprehensive resource for policymakers, researchers, and educators, shedding light on various aspects of the economics of education. The reports provide evidence-based analyses on critical topics and offer valuable recommendations to enhance educational systems.

Additionally, the newsletter highlighted a significant event – the webinar “COVID-19 Learning Deficits in Europe”, which discussed and presented the findings from the EENEE analytical report bearing the same name. The webinar aimed to delve into the impact of the pandemic on learning outcomes and identify strategies to address the resulting educational deficits.

Moreover, the newsletter featured news contributed by network members of EENEE: Ronald G. Sultana, Kristoff de Witte and Abdurrahman Aydemir.

Access the complete content of the Spring Newsletter HERE.