06 Sep 2021

Out now: Policy brief accompanying the analytical report on Quality of School Life and Student Outcomes in Europe

Have you already read the analytical report on  Quality of School Life and Student Outcomes in Europe? EENEE has now published a policy brief to accompany this report highlighting the key findings and messages.

Quality of school life (QSL) reflects the attitudinal or emotional climate at school in terms of students’ perceptions of well-being and satisfaction, determined by school-related factors and educational experiences.

Building on the social-structural perspective of the quality of school life and the PISA framework on well-being, the study offers a structured model for measuring the quality of school life, focusing on students’ sense of opportunity and achievement, the quality of their interpersonal relationships with their teachers, their exposure to a safe and cooperative learning environment, and their overall sense of belonging to the school and school community.

The QSL has been found to have a significant positive impact on the academic results of EU students even after controlling for student gender and socioeconomic background. It also appears that improving students’ perceptions of safety, achievement and teachers’ support has the most substantial potential to improve their overall academic performance in most EU countries.